MDK_2012-03-12 Released.

New MDK with updated kernel and angstrom distro released.
Added by Michael Williamson over 9 years ago

We've released a new board support package (MityDSP Development Kit, MDK).

This package was built using a new toolchain (gcc 4.5.1) and eglibc. There is a new toolchain download that can sit side-by-side with the current toolchain. To install it on a linux machine you need to untar it at the root directory. To use the toolchain you'll need to execute:

user@machine: . /usr/local/oecore-i686/environment-setup-armv5te-angstrom-linux-gnueabi

The kernel released is version 3.2. This includes several new features and capabilities over the older 2.36 kernel, most notably some fixes and enhancements to the USB drivers as well as the ethernet drivers.

The angstrom distribution for the included filesystems is now using the OE core build process, and is based on the 2011 distribution configuration. Most notably the file systems use systemd over sysvinit scripts, which reduces the boot time a fair amount. Note: you should be able to generate your own file systems using The Online Narcissus Builder. The key is to select da850-omapl138-evm or the hawkboard configuration to start from. This will select binaries optimized for the OMAP-L138 CPU), and will also install the TI gstreamer code, etc. You will of course need to configure the boot to use the kernel port for your board. In additional, you may need to modify the inittab scripts to ensure that gettys are called with the "-L" option.


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