DSP Development Tools

The tools required to perform software development on the DSP include Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio and the Spectrum Digital Emulator. Information on each is found below.

Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (CCS)

CCS is now free. TI has released free license files for the older CCS releases.

Obtain the license file from here:

Select Help->Code Composer Studio Licensing Information->Upgrade->Activate->Next->Specify License File->Finish

Installing CCS5 (Linux) for L138 DSP
Installing CCS6 (Linux) for L138 DSP

NOTE: It appears spectrum digital has ceased operations. The following is preserved for reference

Spectrum Digital Emulator - XDS510USB (Only supported in CCS 8.X and below)

As of Code Composer Version 9 TI is no longer supporting x32 installations and the XDS510 driver stack is ONLY supported in x32 with no upgrade planned.

E2E Post:

Spectrum Digital manufactures a line of JTAG Emulators that are used for JTAG level debugging on a variety of TI DSPs. These emulators work with TI CCS to allow for source level debug on target hardware such as the OMAPL138 DSP.

Spectrum Digital Emulator - XDS200 or XDS220 (CCS 5.2 and above)

Both of these emulators support the OMAP-L138 processor and offer decent debug performance. They offer both x32 and x64 bit support and as such are supported from CCS version 5.2 and above.


Not Recommended - XDS100 Series

This series of emulator is VERY slow and does not appear to support the DSP, i.e. only ARM9 support.

What appear to be equivalent emulators are available from Blackhawk
Their website is

Recommended, their XDS200 :

Alternative, their XDS560 :

Although we haven't had experience at this point with the Blackhawk emulators, they do appear to be comparable.

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