DSP Software FAQs

How to handle an interrupt from the FPGA in the DSP

The following PDF, "Interrupt Example Code", contains code snippets that provide an example of how you would handle an interrupt that originates for the MityDSP-L138F FPGA within the DSP.

It covers:
  1. The necessary initialization code
  2. Waiting for an interrupt from the FPGA and processing it
  3. FPGA Core creation/access

What OMAP-L138 peripherals support direct control by the DSP?

Critical Link provides a large number of drivers to support direct DSP control of the OMAP-L138 peripherals. A list of the devices/peripherals that have been ported over is included in our MDK ( under \sw\DSP\lib\core\ . For example the files named "DspFpgaSpi.cpp" and "DspFpgaSpi.h" indicate support for an FPGA instantiated SPI device to be accessed directly by the DSP. The "DspI2c.cpp" and "DspI2c.h" files indicate support for OMAP-L138 I2C buses directly by the DSP.

Note however that when a bus is used for an on-module function, such as I2C0 for the EEPROM and PMIC or SPI1 for the SPI NOR memory, special considerations must be made to allow DSP control of these peripherals.

If a device is not supported in the MDK please note that TI's own L138/C6748 BSP's may contain the necessary drivers to use as a basis for adding support.

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