Module Product Change Notifications (PCN) and Errata

This page captures PCN's and known errata related to the MityDSP-L138F family of system on modules.

If a part / configuration option is not listed under the "Products Affected" section, then the item was not built/ordered prior to the listed change being issued by engineering.

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Document Type Document Link Title Release/Update Date
Errata MityDSP-L138_Errata MityDSP-L138, MitySOM-1808(F), MitySOM-1810(F) SOM Errata Sheet 8/3/2022
PCN PCN20230801000 128 Mbit NOR Flash Initial: 8/14/2023 Revised: 8/29/2023
PCN PCN20220621000 Remove SATA CLK Driver & JTAG Connector 8/8/2022
PCN PCN20211118000 No Availability of Spartan-6 FPGAs 12/7/2021
PCN PCN20180209000 Obsolete 8MB NOR Flash 2/9/2018
PCN PCN20150626000 Address OMAP-L138 Advisory 2.1.4 6/26/2015
PCN PCN20121031000 Address OMAP-L138 Advisory 2.1.23 10/31/2012
PCN PCN20120612000 RTC Power Current Reduction 6/12/2012
PCN PCN20120524000 SATA A/C decoupling added 5/24/2012
PCN PCN20110711001 Migration from 16-Bit to 8-Bit NAND 6/11/2011
PCN PCN20110711000 Improved CPU Reset 6/11/2011

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