Network configuration

The u-Boot program, as well as the kernel, can use ethernet. The OMAP-L138 and ARM-1808 processors provide one ethernet MAC controller that may use an MII interface or an RMII interface (different pins, etc.) on the chip. Based on how your SOM is plugged into your host board, you will need to configure your unit to use the correct interface (or none). This is done via the "config set" command and is tied to the "Ethernet Config" option. Valid Ethernet Configs include:

- 0 No Ethernet Interface should be used
- 2 Standard MII interface
- 3 Reduced MII interface

Once a config set and a config save is performed, you should issue a "reset" command at u-Boot. This will cause u-Boot to reload, read the new configuration, and initialize the ethernet interface as desired. At this point the u-Boot program should be able to use the network interface, and will pass the network configuration to the kernel correctly.

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