Connecting a Serial Cable to the MitySOM-iMX6 Baseboard

Use the included USB cable to connect to the console (in addition to or instead of the HDMI connector).

  • This connection is made via the J801 6 pin header on the MitySOM-iMX6 baseboard. The connector is NOT on the SOM itself.
  • This conncetion requires a USB to serial cable which has the individual pins broken out. Your MitySOM-iMX6 Development Kit includes a "USB to TTL Module Converter" cable, part number 93-901080. If you need additional cables, please contact Critical Link.
  • Pin connections are as follows on the MitySOM-iMX baseboard, Where NC is "no-connect"
    [GND | NC | NC | RX | TX | NC ]
  • Pin connections on the cable are as follows:
    • Black - GND - Connect to GND on the board
    • Green - TX - Connect to RX on the board
    • White - RX - Connect to TX on the board
    • Red - +5v - Do NOT Connect the Red wire
  • Terminal Settings:
    • 115200
    • 8N1
    • no flow control (either software or hardware)

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