Boot Jumpers

Boot Configuration header – J106

There are a total of 16 boot configuration pins that are registered by the AM335x processor however [12] to [15] are fixed, 0010, on the MitySOM-335x module. The boot mode, as determined by the 12 BOOTCONFIG pins, is selected on the rising edge of the PWRONRSTn Reset Input Pin of the AM335x processor which is controlled by the PMIC of the MitySOM-335x module.

MitySOM-335x Dev Kit Boards Revision 80-000458RC-2 Rev. A and later (2 row J106)

Each boot configuration pin on the current versions of the MitySOM-335x development kit is connected to a weak pull up, ‘1’, unless a jumper is placed across the header pins which pulls that configuration pin down to ground, ‘0’. The MitySOM-335x Development Kits default boot configuration header mode is [0] to [11], 111011111111, jumper only placed on column on [3]. Please reference the AM335x Technical Reference Manual for complete details on how the vast array of boot mode options.

MitySOM-335x Dev Kit Boards 80-000458RC-1 Rev. A (3 row J106)

This version of the MitySOM-335x Development Kit featured a 3-row boot jumper header that required a jumper on each of the 12 boot pins. J106 was labeled with an H for a "1" and a L for a "0" value. When in the L position the boot configuration pin, {0] to [11], was pulled to ground through a 10.0K resistor and when in the H position it was pulled to 3.3V through a 10.0K resistor. The 80-000458RC-1 Rev. A version of the development kit is the only version to utilize the 3-row configuration header.

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