MitySOM-335x Development Kit


The AM335X Development kit consists of a mother board and accessories that Critical Link includes with our Development Kit for the MitySOM-335X family of System On Modules. Full details regarding the AM335X Development kit, including the datasheet, may be found on the Critical Link website.

Included in each kit is a Quick Start Guide

Host Board Interfaces

Note: Both the HDMI/DVI display output and LCD display header (J700) may used be simultaneously but only a single output resolution/timing is supported. I.E. both displays must support 1024x768 if that is the setting currently programmed.

Errata and Revision Information

Schematics for Development Kit including Revision Information

Helpful links

MitySOM-335x_Dev_Kit_Quickstart_Guide_94-900220_RevD.pdf (1010 KB) Alexander Block, 01/11/2017 10:50 AM

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