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Wifi Module configuration

The Critical Link TIWI-R2 Wifi/BT module is designed to fit directly onto the MitySOM-335x Development Kit. If a development kit is shipped with the WiFi/BT module than it will already be configured to operate and only the access point connections will need to be changed. Please follow the directions to setup configure and connect to a wireless network.

Linux Kernel Configuration

Our current kernel image should include the necessary firmware to support the TIWI-R2 WiFi board.


Needed firmware files found:

git clone git://
ls ti-connectivity

Copy from the ti-connectivity folder "wl1271-nvs.bin wl127x-fw-3.bin wl128x-fw-3.bin" to /lib/firmware/ti-connectivity on device. Note: Our tiwi used the wl127x-fw-3.bin

To set the MAC address of the WiFi interface...

The MAC address appears to be stored on the filesystem and is not permanently stored on the module itself. We have witnessed that when a new module is inserted into the same development kit the MAC address does not change, it stays the same as the last one assigned. Therefore we have labeled each WiFi module with a unique MAC addresses but this is more of a suggested address to use than a burned in address. We guarantee that each MAC labeled is unique so no conflicts will arise if they are used.

To set the MAC address for a system use the following command:

calibrator set nvs_mac /lib/firmware/ti-connectivity/wl1271-nvs.bin xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

For some troubleshooting and other suggestions please reference TI's wiki about the TL1271 found here:

Connect to a Wireless Network

Please follow the instructions under the heading titled "Configure Linux to Use and Connect to WiFi Network" on connecting to a wireless network found on the MityDSP-L138 page

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