Development Kit Revision Information


The Development Kit board was developed as an evaluation host board for the MitySOM-AM335X family of System-on-Module products.

The Development Kit board has gone through a few minor revisions and a few early adopters of the MitySOM-AM335X module may have different board revisions on hand. This page is intended to outline the revision history of the board.

To determine which board revision you have, please see the photo below and locate the Part Number on the sticker on the lower right top side of the PCB.

The table below is chronological and contains the mapping of the board number to the schematic and a brief description of the change from the previous revision.

For a detailed information of the revision history and the changes made, see the attached Revision History and PCN files on this page.

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Altium Design Files: Customers who have purchased the development kit and are designing a custom base board to use the MitySOM-335x can request the Altium Design Files from Critical Link by e-mailing

Revision History

Part Number (PCB label) Description of Change Schematic Datasheet
80-000458RC-1 A Initial Revision of board PDF PDF
80-000458RC-2 A Change boot pins to 2-row. Move C504, replace op-amps U902-U905 PDF PDF
80-000458RC-2 B Removed unused 2.1v Ethernet phy power supply PDF PDF
80-000458RC-3 A Change bootmode pullup net from +3.3V to VIO_3P31 PDF PDF
80-000458RC-4 A - PDF -
80-000458RC-5 B Update Ethernet Data line terminations. Correct USB inrush currents. Fix HDMI SDA/SCL pins. PDF PDF
80-000458RH-6 A 2,3 Change to Micrel KSZ9031 Phy and hybrid temperature rating PDF

[1] Revision 3-A is a rework applied to revision 2-B and there is no separate schematic for it. Please note the change in power domain for the boot pins if using the development kit as a reference design.
[2] The largest change was the move to the Micrel KSZ9031 Ethernet Phy.
[3] Obsolete SODIMM connector Molex MM80-204B1-E1 will be replaced by TE connectivity 2013310 in future revision.

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