DVI port (using HDMI connector)

The video output to connect to a standard monitor or other display is through a standard HDMI connector. Note however that the audio signals from the MitySOM-335x development kit are NOT connected through the HDMI port it is video ONLY.

Demo Video Resolution

The MitySOM-335x Development Kit is configured from the factory to display the video for the Matrix demonstration at a resolution of 800x600 pixels. This resolution is configured through a UBoot environment parameter and can be changed easily to support widescreen displays if necessary. See Below.

Default UBoot Environment Setup

By default a new MitySOM-335x Development Kit ships with the "optargs" parameter set as:

optargs video=da8xx:bpp=16

To change to support a widescreen resolution perform the following steps:

1) With the serial port connected from the MitySOM-335x Dev Kit to your PC "break" into UBoot during the 3-second window
2) Enter the following command in UBoot

setenv optargs video=da8xx:bpp=16,mode=1280x768

3) Then save the environment change


4) You can then reset the module which will now cause it to use the new resolution

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