MitySOM-335x With On-Module Wifi/BLE (Bluetooth)

Information specific to our MitySOM-335x TiWi-BLE based System on Modules (SoM) which feature an integrated TiWi-BLE module from LSR (LSR TiWi-BLE). Our selection of the LSR module was based on superior lifespan/availability and that all FCC compliance testing has been completed for the WiFi/BLE radio(s).

Please reference the standard MitySOM-335x Wiki which covers many topics which are similar between modules.

MitySOM-335x WiFi/BLE Datasheet
MitySOM-335x WiFi/BLE Dev Kit Quickstart Guide


Block Diagram
Pin-Out and Pin-Muxing
MitySOM-335x Dev Board Compatibility
Antenna Information

Linux Kernel and UBoot

Kernel Version
Defconfig Changes
Uboot Information

Development Kit Filesystem

WiFi/BLE Compatible Filesystem

WiFi Information

WiFi Hardware Interface on Module
WiFi Configuration and Usage
WiFi Firmware

Bluetooth (2.1 EDR and BLE)

Bluetooth Hardware Interface
Bluetooth Configuration and Usage
Bluetooth Firmware

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