Included Hardware

The MitySOM-335x Maker Transition Kit (MTK) is designed to include the necessary components to assist in transitioning your existing Beaglebone design to a MitySOM-335x based design. Please contact your Critical Link representative if there is anything additional you feel you need to assist with your evaluation/transition.

  • MitySOM-335x Maker Transition Board with:
    • MitySOM-335x System on Module (Installed)
      • Included modules have included 3352-HX-X47-RI. Any MitySOM-335x is compatible with the board.
    • 4GB of eMMC Flash Memory
      • This memory is shipped empty and is available for users to load their own boot/kernel/filesystem/application software into.
    • Dual 46-pin Cape Compatible Headers
      • The Transition Board was designed to be compatible with most existing cape designs. Please reference the "Hardware Differences":TBD Wiki for specific details.
    • MicroSD Card Connector
      • A MicroSD card is included with the kit and is pre-installed. This card acts as the boot media and contains the necessary software components to boot the board. Please see the "SD Card":TBD Wiki for details about the current SD card image that is available.
    • 10/100 Networking
      • We utilize a KSZ9031 Gigabit Ethernet PHY (RGMII 1) forced into 10/100 mode
    • HDMI Output with audio
      • A Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter is required to connect a display. Note that current boards are a preliminary design and the video quality is not optimal on Rev 1 designs.
    • USB OTG (Mini B) and Host (A) Ports
    • Single 5V DC Input
      • Power adapter included
    • JTAG and UART Debug interfaces
      • UART to USB cable included
  • USB to UART Debug Serial cable
  • AC/DC 5V 2A adapter
  • SD Card pre-loaded with Linux Operating System and demonstration application
    • Please reference this Wiki page for the current SD card image information

Optional (Not Included) Hardware

  • Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter and HDMI Cable for monitor usage
  • Ethernet cable
  • Micro USB B to USB A cable

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