MitySOM-335x Maker Transition Kit Wiki

Information for customers utilizing the Critical Link MitySOM-335x Maker Transition Kit (MTK) for converting Beaglebone designs to MitySOM-335x based designs.

MitySOM-335x Transition Kit Getting Started Guide(PDF)
Presentation - Transforming Prototype to Production-Ready(PDF)

In addition to the information specific to the MitySOM Maker Transition Kit (MTK) provided here, the standard MitySOM-335x Wiki provides additional information generic to our module.

Getting Started

Included Hardware
SD Card Image
Hardware Differences from Beaglebone
How-To Convert BBB Application to MTK


Kernel Version Information
Using Debian Community Filesystem


MitySOM-335x Maker Board Schematics and Revision Info

Pre-Production (Rev 1) MitySOM-335x MTK Board Errata

  • HDMI Artifacts
    • The pre-production MTK HDMI output, while usable, has multiple video artifacts that reduce the clarity of the display. These artifacts will be eliminated in the final production release.
  • Pinmux helper/ Cape Manager Not Included
    • The Pinmux Helper and Cape Manager that are commonly used in the maker community have not been integrated into the MTK filesystem and kernel. So, users will need to update the Critical Link kernel's device tree to change the desired pinmux of their MitySOM-335x. Critical Link will help you modify the device tree to include any changes you previously made with Cape Manager or Pinmux Helper.
  • Custom Filesystem
    • The pre-production MTK ships with a Yocto-based filesystem and a customized Critical Link kernel. This filesystem is not based on any standard filesystem images available in the Maker community (e.g. Debian). In most cases, however, users can use their current filesystem with Critical Link's kernel and device tree.
  • Power by USB Not Working
    • Due to limitations in the pre-production hardware, the MTK cannot be powered via its USB port. Please use the included power supply. We are looking into supporting power over USB for the production version of the MTK.

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