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Revision History and Image Download

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Part Number Release Date Download Link MD5
40-000116-2 03-20-2017
40-000116-1 12-09-2016 787ecd928f5e99b4b2e3413fb2748bd3

Revision Components

40-000116-2 03-20-2017

This image uses the debian community filesystem and the 4.4.30-ti-rt-r64 kernel. This image includes customized MLO, u-boot and device tree files for the MTK. Details on these files, as well as the process used for converting an existing debian sd card to boot on the MTK can be found on the following wiki page: Using Debian Community Filesystem

40-000116-1 12-09-2016

SD Card Flashing Instructions

Writing the image to the SD card can be done in either Linux or Windows. The card must have a capacity of at least 4GB.


  1. Download the desired SD card version from the table above
  2. Unzip the file so that you have a *.img file
  3. Download and use the Win32 Disk Imager application to write the image to your SD card
    1. Using an SD card reader in your PC insert the card to be written
    2. Open the Win32 Disk Imager application and be sure you select the drive letter for the SD card as this will erase the drive contents
    3. Image the drive and safely remove it


Unzip the file and use the dd command to write the image:
Note: Replace sdi with /dev/ location of the SD card

unzip -p 40-000116-1_mmb_rootfs_12-9-2016.img | sudo dd of=/dev/sdi

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