"Regarding MitydspL138F Vision development kit"

Added by Naveen K.S over 6 years ago


We have received your Vision Development Kit from Digikey distributor this week. As per your VDK manual we interfaced the kit with mouse, camera and Monitor (with DVI-D input). We have followed the instructions given strictly, also when monitor connected we could get the Mitydsp Demonstration screen successfully. But on selecting GUI switches like Raw Mode, Grayscale conversion (FPGA/DSP),Idle Mode and applying GO! soft button we are getting blank video output. Kindly suggest us how to get the output, the bootup from the SD card all seems to be working fine.

Kindly let us know what could be the problem whether hardware or the software?

waiting for your response, thanks in advance

with regards,
Naveen K.S

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