Build Error when using Yocto

Added by Julio Liriano over 6 years ago

I am attempting to run this command to compile the kernel:
bitbake virtual/bootloader

And get the following error:
ERROR: Execution of event handler 'external_linaro_toolchain_version_handler' failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "external_linaro_toolchain_version_handler(e)", line 12, in external_linaro_toolchain_version_handler(e=<bb.event.ConfigParsed object at 0x47213d0>)
File "", line 4, in elt_get_gdb_version(d=<bb.data_smart.DataSmart object at 0x2f5b650>)
NameError: global name 'CmdError' is not defined

I am running Ubuntu 13.10. I am giving a warning about that. Is that the issue here or is it something else?
I've just started working with this environment.

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