MDK version?

Added by Tom Riddle almost 3 years ago


Just getting started here with a MityDSP L138F dev system. The USB stick had release 2011-03-31. Which is the best MDK release to use that the examples listed on the wiki coincide with? It appears Alpha release 2016.01 is more tools oriented. Thanks, Tom

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RE: MDK version? - Added by Bob Duke almost 3 years ago


For following the Wiki, the "Release 2014.01" MDK is the best choice right now. The Wiki documentation has not been updated to match the newest MDK releases (e.g. Release 2017.08 - BETA).

After you work through some examples with the older MDK, you can try the newer MDKs and if you have any questions, you can post them here.

If you are familiar with embedded Linux, however, you shouldn't have too many problems with using "Release 2017.08 BETA."

Here are the main differences with the new tool chain:

  • First, the environment setup script has a different name:
     # source /opt/criticallink/mityomapl138_20170818/environment-setup-arm926ejste-criticallink-linux-gnueabi
  • Also, if you are compiling the kernel, before you run any of the make commands, please reset your LDFLAGS variables (otherwise you will get strange ld-related errors).
     # export LDFLAGS="" 
  • Finally, you will need to change any CROSS_COMPILE prefixes to match the new binary names in the newer MDKs. For example:
    # make -j4 ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-criticallink-linux-gnueabi-" 


RE: MDK version? - Added by Tom Riddle almost 3 years ago

Bob... sounds good thanks, Tom

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