MityDSP-L138F LVDS lengths? .... (posted on behalf of a customer)

Added by Angela Newman over 8 years ago

My company is using your MityDSP-L138F SoM in a research prototype. The design has a high speed LVDS bus to the Spartan-6. We need to design LVDS bus with an off module clock input connecting to the FPGA O-SERDES2. To clculate the clock skew at the LVDS receiver on our board we need the total trace lengths including the tarces on the SoM. If it's possible please provide the trace lengths of the following pairs

144,146 B0_24
148,150 B0_22
153,155 B0_19
157,159 B0_17
161,163 B0_15
166,168 B0_14
165,167 B0_13
169,171 B0_11
175,177 B0_9
179,181 B0_7
176,178 B0.10

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RE: MityDSP-L138F LVDS lengths? .... (posted on behalf of a customer) - Added by Zeng Liu over 8 years ago

Hi Angela,

The following traces' length are reported from our tool.
Let us know if you need anything else. Thank you.

Net Name Trace Length (mil)

IO_7_N 892.248
IO_7_P 942.683
IO_9_N 859.358
IO_9_P 883.568
IO_10_N 944.901
IO_10_P 964.496
IO_11_N 850.017
IO_11_P 865.733
IO_13_N 813.904
IO_13_P 869.61
IO_14_N 947.434
IO_14_P 965.485
IO_15_N 792.553
IO_15_P 810.745
IO_17_N 765.779
IO_17_P 821.987
IO_19_N 750.466
IO_19_P 770.823
IO_22_N 797.428
IO_22_P 763.108
IO_24_N 837.297
IO_24_P 834.036

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