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Added by Oleh Mela about 7 years ago

Why at creation of the project in PlanAhead 14.7 for the chip xc6slx45csg324-3 it is not possible to specify Temp Grade I (only C)? In fact according to the specification on L138-FI-236-RL-ND it works in a range-40°C ~ 70°C.

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RE: PlanAhead issue - Added by Michael Williamson about 7 years ago

For ISE (and I think ISE / PlanAhead are still the tools for Spartan 6, as the Vivado tools are for 7 series and higher), if you analyze your design with commercial temp and keep the non-commercial parts within their rated voltages and temperature, the speed scales and the part should work over it's specified range. So if your design meets timing for commercial speedgrade, then it will meet timing for the industrial over the industrial temperature range.

See these Xilinx posts:

If you want to know the performance at a specific temperature, you can use the TEMPERATURE constraint, (see the last link above), but you need to scale the temperature by 15 degrees C.

Hope this helps. It's a little odd how Xilinx appears to handle this.


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