MityCam-2521FTS-CM-C-S fails to boot

Added by Aldo Apponi over 2 years ago

The serial number for our camera is S/N 673

We have been using this camera more or less non-stop for probably 2 years now and this is the first time I have observed this issue.

The camera powers on, fan runs for a few seconds, then it shuts off and a blinking yellow light can be seen through the fan housing near the top of the board. I even imagined that I smelled something at the time, but I might have been imagining it.

The light on the power supply blinks at the same rate as the yellow light, which seems to me that the board is using all the power supply can give it.

I tried to start the camera a couple of times after the first time it failed. It seemed to get a bit further along the second time--I nearly was able to complete the initialization over cameralink. The third time, it quickly failed. I did not try a fourth time.

It appears to me that something might be damaged in the unit.

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RE: MityCam-2521FTS-CM-C-S fails to boot - Added by Michael Williamson over 1 year ago

I assume you have resolve this problem with our product team, but if you have not, if the power supply light is blinking, then the camera must be somehow damaged and would need repair.

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