MityCAM Vision Cameras

This Wiki supports Critical Link's MityCAM Vision Camera products and development kits.

Arria 10 Based MityCAM Cameras

Please use our GenTL viewer software to interact with your camera's sensor.

MityCAM-35MMFHDXS / MityCAM-LI3030SA Specific Information

MityCAM-120MXS Specific Information

MityCAM-3U5MGXS Specific Information

MityCAM-C50000 Specific Information

Cyclone V Based MityCAM Cameras

Connecting To Cyclone V Serial Console

MityCAM-B2521 Specific Information

MityCAM-B1910F Specific Information

MityCAM-C8000 Specific Information

CMV2K4K Specific Information

General / Common Documentation

The following information applies for any MityCAM (Cyclone V or Arria 10 based) camera.

MityDSP-L138 Based Cameras (Legacy Cameras)

MityCAM-sCMOS-CIS1210 / -CIS1910

Software Development Kit


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