Mity Viewer

This section covers information about the Mity Viewer, an application that may be used to capture/acquire images from several of the MityCCD and MityCAM cameras available from Critical Link, LLC.

The Mity Viewer currently supports the Windows operating system (Windows XP, Vista, and 7, 32 and 64 bit). The Mity Viewer installation includes an interface library, clcamiface.dll, and assocaited header files necessary to develop a native C or C++ application (or .Net with appropraite wrappers) to communicate with the MityCCD and MityCAM cameras.

An unofficial version of the Mity Viewer and interface library can be made available for the linux operating system if necessary. Please contact Critical Link for further details.

Download and Installation

The MityViewer can be downloaded from the Files Tab of the MityCCD Scientific Cameras project (it is used for CCDs, sCMOS, and CMOS vision cameras). You need to have a registered account to access the files.


See detailed Release Notes for change information on the MityViewer and DLL software.

See the MityViewer User's Guide for general information about the Mity Viewer Application.

For information on the clcamiface.dll, check the clcamiface DLL API.

CDI Recording Format

The MityViewer supports recording data images in a set of TIFF files or as a set of CDI extension files. The CDI data format is described in the table below.

Field Size (bytes) Format Description
magic word 4 unsigned magic word = 0x0CCD0CCD
version 4 unsigned = 0x00000001
acquire time 4 unsigned seconds since epoch
acquire msec 4 unsigned integer to add to time as ms
image info 48 See clcamiface.h callback structure
min_value 4 signed 32 bit integer, minimum pixel value
max_value 4 signed 32 bit integer, maximum pixel value
num_pixels 4 number of pixels in image 32 bit integer
pixel data 4 x num_pixels signed array of 32 bit integers of image

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