GenTL Software packages for Critical Link GenICam based cameras

Critical Link provides the GenTLViewer application (a GenTL consumer) and associated GenTL DLL producer to allow users to interact with Critical Link cameras. The software can be used to explore features of the camera, test and debug custom setups, or even as the main user interface for camera based systems. The viewer application makes extensive use of plugins to allow customized user interfaces based on the camera or environment the application is working with.

The major features of this application are:

Live video viewing at up to 200 megapixels/second
Recording video frames to disk
Scriptable commands to control the application and attached camera
Plotting of camera and/or video attributes in real time


The GenTL Viewer application is available for download from
along with the User Manual.

GenTL Viewer Release Notes


Installing the GenTL Viewer application is very straight forward. The application is supported on Windows 10-64 bit operating systems.
Download the installer from the above link. The latest version is always available as

If you have an existing version of the GenTLViewer installed, you must manually uninstall the existing installation. To do so, run the maintenancetool application and select ‘Remove all components’ and follow the prompts. The maintenancetool application is installed along side the GenTLViewer installation, by default it is located at 'C:\Program Files\Critical Link LLC\Gentle Viewer\maintenancetool.exe’. Once the old version is uninstalled, you can run the installer for the new version.

Your settings and any recorded data will not be affected by the upgrade.

You then can run the installer to install the new version. During the installation, existing support libraries will be checked and updated as required.
The installer actually installs a number of software packages required for operation.
  1. The application itself
  2. The GenTL DLL - required to access Critical Link Cameras
  3. The libusb libraries - used to provide the GenTL DLL access to USB devices
  4. The EMVA GenICam libraries (the industry standard GenAPI implementation)
  5. Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries
  6. The installer itself (for updates, repair, or removal of the software)

GenTL Producer

The installation package includes an implementation of a U3V GenTL producer for Critical Link VID coded USB cameras. While largely untested, it is possible to use other application software with Critical Link's GenTL producer instead of the Viewer application. As an example, the Using Python With Critical Link GenTL Producer page outlines using python to capture images with the GenTL producer DLL.

Running the GenTL producer in simulated mode

Not Implemented

Certain functions aren't implemented as of 06/16/2021

These functions will return GC_ERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.

/* GenTL v1.3 */
GC_API DSGetBufferChunkData(DS_HANDLE hDataStream, BUFFER_HANDLE hBuffer, SINGLE_CHUNK_DATA *pChunkData, size_t *piNumChunks)

/* GenTL v1.5 */ 
GC_API DSGetNumBufferParts(DS_HANDLE hDataStream, BUFFER_HANDLE hBuffer, uint32_t *piNumParts)
GC_API DSGetBufferPartInfo(DS_HANDLE hDataStream, BUFFER_HANDLE hBuffer, uint32_t iPartIndex, BUFFER_PART_INFO_CMD iInfoCmd, INFO_DATATYPE *piType, void *pBuffer, size_t *piSize)

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