Labview Usage

A number of MityCAM-B2521F customers have expressed interest in using the Labview software package for image processing.

Using EPIX Frame Grabbers

We have contacted EPIX engineering support department and have confirmed that with a combination of EPIX XCAP software and their XCLIB library their frame grabber cards can be used to interface with Labview among other data processing platforms.

The following page describes what software packages are compatible with their libraries:

Status of National Instruments Frame Grabbers

Critical Link has worked with National Instruments technical support/FAE's and has confirmed that at this time due to the row ordering ( of the MityCAM-B2521F it is not possible to use any of their standard "Fixed personality" frame grabbers.

We are evaluating modifications to the MityCAM-B2521F that may allow for support of their frame grabber so please contact your Critical Link representative if you would like an updated status.

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