Supported Framegrabbers 2521

Critical Link has tested the CIS2521 based MityCAM with the following frame grabbers:


Tested modes include: 10-Tap mode (16 bits per pixel, 8 bits per pixel), 1x16 Base Mode, and 2x12 Base Mode.


This is a Laptop Express Card and base mode only is supported. Tested modes include 1x16 Base Mode and 2x12 Base Mode.

Note that a sufficiently powerful CPU is needed to process all of the camera data without overflow errors (I.E. Intel i5 quad-core and above)

NI PCIe-1433

National Instruments based cards have been tested and have been verified as receiving camera data however the ordering ordering is incorrect. A camera file that supports a NI card has not been completed at this time but please contact your Critical Link representative for current status.

The most recent MityCAM-B2521 firmware does support Psuedo-Single port operation which allows raster order output of the camera data. This will allow use of the NI PCIe-1433 card in more standard available modes, see Camera Link API document and Users Manual for details.

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