Mity Viewer Crashing

Added by Kiel Trotter almost 3 years ago

Hello, We have a MITY Viewer application hooked up to a camera, Model S7031-1007. It will drop images during the run that increase in number until the entire application crashed. Any know issues like this. We are currently on the latest version of software. Thank you.

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RE: Mity Viewer Crashing - Added by Mike Fiorenza almost 3 years ago

Hi Kiel,

I do not recall seeing the issues that you are describing. I will set up a camera and try to reproduce this here.
Are you saying that if you boot the camera (using default settings) and set to continuous capture, the viewer will eventually crash after X amount of dropped images?

When you say you're using the latest version of the software, are you referring to the MityViewer or the camera software? Or both?

RE: Mity Viewer Crashing - Added by Jaime Wilkie almost 3 years ago

Hi Kiel,

In addition, can you let us know how you are imaging the camera? Area Readout vs Binning? What timing settings are you using when the software crashes, i.e. exposure time and frame interval time? Do you have the "Shortest Frame Interval Possible" box checked off?


RE: Mity Viewer Crashing - Added by Kiel Trotter almost 3 years ago

One issue was the Windows 10 driver. I think that is now understood.

The other issue is the dropping of images. This is the standard REBS camera. I start up the Viewer (Version 2.6.8) with the following under “Help – About CCDisp Viewer”

Model: S7031-1007
S/N: 1171
Mfg: Hamamatsu
FPGA: 7.02
DSP: 6.15

I set the camera to Continuous update, 1 Clear Cycle. I set the mode to binning and load in a file that bins rows 4 to 124. The issue is most present at 10ms exposure time (Shortest Frame Interval box is checked, Frame rate is 21ms) and seems to not be present for exposures > 100ms. When I click Start Capture, the binned spectra is observed. After a bit (was < 1minute, now after several minutes of running) I start to see errors pop up in the lower left hand corner.

WARNING Image queue backup ... dropped 3 images. pushed = 2520, popped = 1693

As time goes by (still continuously running) the # of dropped images keeps going up. Eventually, the software freezes and has to be restarted.

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