ARM9 Based QNX Platforms: New BSP posted to Files tab.

Added by John Pruitt almost 9 years ago

The BSP zip files have been moved from the wiki page to the Files tab. The latest BSP includes a fix to the fpga driver so it displays physical addresses of the modules instead of the virtual addresses it was showing.

In addition, the low-level timer routines were modified so that changing the clock period via ClockPeriod() will actually work. Previously, nothing changed at the low-level but QNX acted like it had. This caused unexpected behavior when changing the clock period. Making the period longer would make the sleep command take less time and making the period shorter made the sleep command take longer. Now, the sleep command takes the expected amount of time regardless of what the clock period is set to.

TI TMS320C6xxx Based Products: MDK 2.10.0 Release.

Added by Michael Williamson about 9 years ago

MityDSP Developer's Kit version 2.10.0 has been released.

This release supports the MityDSP-6711 (MityDSP and MityDSP-XM) and the MityDSP-6455 (MityDSP-PRO) products. A link to updated documentation is included in the Main Wiki Page for this release. Check the software and hardware release notes for detailed information.

TI TMS320C6xxx Based Products: MDK 2.9.2 Released.

Added by Michael Williamson about 9 years ago

MDK 2.9.2 has been released.

Primarily, this is a patch release made to provide an updated DspMacros.h necessary to reduce the internal PLL clock rate from 600 MHz to 400 MHz. There are a couple of minor ggui library related patches as well. Refer to the release notes in the installer.

ARM9 Based Platforms: Audio Support Added for Rev-C Industrial I/O Boards.

Added by Michael Williamson almost 10 years ago

We've added basic support for stereo line-out audio for the Industrial I/O board to the local kernel. You can download the changes in our local kernel git repository. Binary releases, for upgrades, will be posted soon, or you can build it from source.

The audio support uses the ALSA framework/API. The supported sample rate is 48000 Hz stereo at line out levels. Codec mixing and gain control is not available.

Testing has been performed using the aplay utility, as well as the gstreamer utility with an alsasink pipe endpoint.

ARM9 Based Platforms: U-Boot Updated to Support MMC.

Added by Michael Williamson about 10 years ago

The folks at TI recently updated u-Boot to support reading / accessing / booting from MMC devices on MMC 0.

We've rolled their code into the the MityDSP-L138 / MityARM-1808 u-Boot. Available in the u-Boot git repository. Binary releases, for upgrades, will be posted soon, or you can build it from source.

Performing FLASH upgrades and Booting off of MMC devices connected to MMC 0 of the OMAP-L138 port is now possible.

ARM9 Based Platforms: Website installed

Added by Redmine Administrator over 10 years ago

Working to populate documentation. Please post if you need content ASAP, we'll put that to the top of the list.


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