MityDSP (TI TMS320C6xxx Based Products): MDK 2.12.0 Release

Added by Michael Williamson about 11 years ago

MDK 2.12.0 has been released. This is primarily a maintenance release as we migrate our build machines to virtualization servers for legacy support. There were a couple of minor features added to the AWG core element.

All PC software is now being built using MSVC 2010 and Qt 4.8.2.

See the wiki for a link to the detailed release notes and documentation.

MityDSP (TI TMS320C6xxx Based Products): MDK 2.11.0 Release.

Added by Michael Williamson over 12 years ago

MDK 2.11.0 has been released. Key changes from previous builds are the support for extracting complete FLASH images of a MityDSP product using the Bootloader and MityGUI tools. These FLASH images can also be used to "clone" a configured MityDSP. WARNING - Cloning one FLASH image to another unit will result in altering the MityDSP serial number and MAC address. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the Serial Numbers and MAC address are properly "fixed" after a cloning operation.

MityDSP (TI TMS320C6xxx Based Products): Support Site Going Down for Maintenance 11/20/2011

Added by Michael Williamson over 12 years ago

We will be taking the site down for a much overdue set of hardware and software upgrades starting 11/20/2011. The site may be down for a couple of days while the upgrades are installed and tested. If you need anything in the interim, please contact or . Thanks for your patience.

ARM9 Based QNX Platforms: New BSP posted to Files tab.

Added by John Pruitt over 12 years ago

The BSP zip files have been moved from the wiki page to the Files tab. The latest BSP includes a fix to the fpga driver so it displays physical addresses of the modules instead of the virtual addresses it was showing.

In addition, the low-level timer routines were modified so that changing the clock period via ClockPeriod() will actually work. Previously, nothing changed at the low-level but QNX acted like it had. This caused unexpected behavior when changing the clock period. Making the period longer would make the sleep command take less time and making the period shorter made the sleep command take longer. Now, the sleep command takes the expected amount of time regardless of what the clock period is set to.

MityDSP (TI TMS320C6xxx Based Products): MDK 2.9.2 Released.

Added by Michael Williamson about 13 years ago

MDK 2.9.2 has been released.

Primarily, this is a patch release made to provide an updated DspMacros.h necessary to reduce the internal PLL clock rate from 600 MHz to 400 MHz. There are a couple of minor ggui library related patches as well. Refer to the release notes in the installer.


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