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  • Mity CPU Platforms

    Project Support for all MityDSP and MitySOM family CPU processor platforms.

    | Platform | Project | | MityDSP, MityDSP-XM | MityDSP | | MityDSP-PRO | MityDSP |...

    • ARM9 Based QNX Platforms
      Support for QNX on ARM9 based products, including
      • MityDSP-L138
      • MitySOM-1808
    • Industrial I/O Board

      This is the Industrial I/O host board for the MityDSP-L138 family of CPU modules. This module is used as Critical Link's primary evalulation module for this family of CPUs.

    • MityDSP (TI TMS320C6xxx Based Products)
      Support for TI DSP based products, including
      • MityDSP-6711 (MityDSP, MityDSP-XM)
      • MityDSP-64xx (MityDSP-Pro)
      • MityDSP-6748
    • MityDSP-L138 (ARM9 Based Platforms)
      Support for ARM9 based products, including
      • MityDSP-L138/F
      • MitySOM-1808/F
      • MitySOM-1810/F
    • MitySBC-Agilex5

      Project Folder for the MitySBC (single board computer) leveraging the Intel Agilex 5 processor.

    • MitySOM-335x (ARM Cortex-A8 Based Products)
      Support for ARM Cortex-A8 based System On Modules
      • MitySOM-335x
    • MitySOM-5CSX Altera Cyclone V

      Information related to the MitySOM-5CSX Altera Cyclone V-based products.

      Please review the MitySOM-5CSX Module Wiki and MitySOM-5CSX Baseboard Wiki for more information. ...

    • MitySOM-A10S Altera Arria 10

      The MitySOM-A10S is an Intel/Altera Arria 10 SoC SOM (system on module) for a wide range of industrial embedded applications. In addition to the A10 processor, the module includes on-board power supplies, two DDR4 RAM memory subsystems, micro SD card, a USB 2.0 on the go (OTG) port, and a temperature sensor. The MitySOM-A10S SOM provides a complete and flexible CPU infrastructure for highly integrated embedded systems....

    • MitySOM-A5

      Project Area supporting MitySOM-A5, built on Agilex 5 technology.

    • MitySOM-AM57X

      The Texas Instruments AM57XX based MitySOM platform.

    • MitySOM-AM62 & MitySOM-AM62A

      Project Page for Critical Link MitySOM-AM62 and MitySOM-AM62A platforms.

    • MitySOM-C10L

      The MitySOM-C10L is an Intel/Altera Cyclone 10 LP SOM (system on module) for a wide range of industrial embedded applications. In addition to the Cyclone 10 FPGA, the module includes on-board power supplies, one HyperRAM memory module, and Quad-SPI FLASH. The MitySOM-C10L SOM provides a complete and flexible FPGA infrastructure for highly integrated embedded systems (leveraging the NIOS CPU IP)....

    • MitySOM-iMX6

      The MitySOM-iMX6 SOM follows the SMARC standard and is based on NXP Semiconductors iMX6 family of processors with an ARM Cortex-A9 at speeds up to 1.2 GHz.

  • MityCAM Vision Cameras

    Support site for MityCAM Vision Camera systems.

    • MityCAM-B2521
    • MityCAM-C8000
    • MityCAM-C50000
    • MityCAM-MT9V032
    • MityCAM-MT9V034
    • MityCAM-MT9M032
    • MityCAM-MT9M001
    • MityCAM-MT9T031
    • MityCAM-MT9P031
    • MityCAM-CIS1011
    • MityCAM-CIS1021
    • GenTL Software

      Software for interfacing with GenTL based vision systems

  • MityCCD Scientific Cameras

    Support for MityCCD Scientific Cameras.

  • Redmine Usage

    Notes and information on using Redmine on Critical Link Projects

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