MDK 2.11.0 Release.

This release supports the MityDSP-6711 (MityDSP and MityDSP-XM) and the MityDSP-6455 (MityDSP-PRO) products.
Added by Michael Williamson over 10 years ago

MDK 2.11.0 has been released. Key changes from previous builds are the support for extracting complete FLASH images of a MityDSP product using the Bootloader and MityGUI tools. These FLASH images can also be used to "clone" a configured MityDSP. WARNING - Cloning one FLASH image to another unit will result in altering the MityDSP serial number and MAC address. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the Serial Numbers and MAC address are properly "fixed" after a cloning operation.


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