Welcome to the Support page for TMS320C6XXX based Mity CPU platforms. The bulk of the documentation for the MityDSP, MityDSP-XM, and the MityDSP-PRO is included with the intallation of the Critical Link MityDSP developer's kit (MDK). A link to the documentation for the MDK is included below.

MityDSP-6711 and MityDSP-6455 EOL Notices

Due to the discontinuation of a critical device in the MityDSP-6455 and MityDSP-6711 designs, after 18 and 20 years, respectively, of continuous production it is with regret that Critical Link announces these products will be End of Life. Please see the official EOL notices below:

MityDSP-6711 EOL Notice
MityDSP-6455 EOL Notice


Data sheets for each of the MityDSP, MityDSP-XM, and MityDSP-Pro families are found below.

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