Creating a MityDSP-6711 Project using CCS 5.1

Here are quick steps (I will try to follow this up with some screen shots).

  1. Create a new project.
    1. File->New->CCS Project.
    2. Click on "advanced settings"
    3. Family = C6000
    4. Variant = Generic 67XX device
    5. little endian
    6. Any compiler version should be OK
    7. Output Format = legacy COFF
    8. Leave linker command file blank
    9. use automatic runtime support library (for now).
    10. Leave Project Templates and Examples alone (don't pick on)
  2. Add Target Configuration File (DSP/BIOS setup).
    1. File->New->DSP/BIOS v5.x Configuration File. (you may need to select "other"->RTSC->"DSP/BIOS v5.x Configuration File")
    2. Select a new, hit "next"
    3. Under Platform location, click "modify" and select "c:/MityDSP/2.11/software/templates"
    4. Pick the flavor of MityDSP you are using.
    5. click next, select all items and Finish.
    6. NOTE You will get a configuration dialog error when it tries to open the file. We'll fix it (it needs the same path from above, and CCS isn't very smart). Just click OK when it pops up.
    7. Click Project->Properties.
    8. Goto CCS Build->TConf Script Compiler->General Options
    9. In the COnfiguration import path, add the same "c:/MityDSP/2.11/software/templates" and click ok.
    10. Now open the .tcf file, you should get a dialog, make changes if you need to....
  3. Add debugger configuration file (attached file on this wiki, MityDSP.ccxml will work for MityDSP-6711 and MityDSP-6711XM).

At this point you should have the basic framework. You'll need to add the MityDSP libraries in your compiler setup to use the MDK.

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