Code Composer Studio (CCS) 3.3 4.x 5.x

CCS 3.3, 4.x or 5.x are all suitable for legacy MDK projects, as long as DSP/BIOS 5.40 and Code Generation tools (CGT) version 6.1.20 (or better) are selected. The BIOS and CGT's are all the same back end tools - the same executables for the compiler and libraries for BIOS, and the only difference is the IDE / user interface.

We recommend that new projects are started with CCS 5.x. The Eclipse tools are now stable as far as the debugger is concerned, and the user interface is better. TI is also supporting CCS5.x going forward. Finally, one can configure/freeze the code generation tools on a project by project basis instead of on a tool-wide basis, which provides a more granular level of configuration management at the project level.

For legacy projects that are already stable at 3.3 with user comfort already established, there is no real reason to move forward for the 6711 family -- unless a developer wants the more modern IDE.

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