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MitySOM-5CSX Virtual Machine Setup Procedure

04/16/2015 03:39 PM

This document is intended to help you get the Critical Link MitySOM-5CSX development Virtual Machine
started. It covers installing the proper version of VirtualBox, importing the Critical Link MitySOM-5CSX VM,
and ensures that the settings are correct for the VM to function properly....

MitySOM-5CSX Dev Kit Quick-Start Guide

05/26/2016 06:49 AM

This Quick Start Guide walks through the initial steps of setting up your MitySOM-5CSX Development Kit. A Linux Operating System is pre-loaded onto the SD card and will boot automatically upon power-up. In addition to this guide, a series of start-up videos are available on YouTube (search for “MitySOM-5CSX”) or on our support site at

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