LCD and DVI Display Solutions

The Industrial I/O board and the MityDSP/MityARM products support a variety of display solutions including LCD panels of various sizes and resolutions as well as DVI based displays.

For information concerning usage and configuration of a LCD or DVI solution with a Industrial I/O board please reference the following wiki LCD configuration

LCD Display Support

FPGA Required for LVDS display

LCD Interface Approach

The Industrial I/O board (and many custom products developed to work with the MityDSP and MityARM family of products) use a uniquely flexible approach to supporting various LCD display panels. The LCD output from the OMAPL138/AM1808 serialized and converted to an LVDS output by the FPGA on board the SOM module. These signals are made available through a 20-pin header across a ribbon cable to a display driver board. The display driver board deserializes the interface and provides the specific connectorization and power (such as for the backlight) required by the specific display.

The interface at the 24-pin header (J104) on the Industrial I/O board can be used to support a variety of displays through the customization provided by display driver board.

The interface and driver boards by Critical Link also support touch screen.

LCD Displays Supported

Display P/N Resolution Size Driver Board P/N Notes
NEC NL4827HC19-05B WQVGA 480x272 4.3" 80-000289RI-1
NEC NL8060BC16-01 SVGA 800x600 6.5" TBD Driver board under development
Sharp LQ035Q7DH06 QVGA 320x240 3.5" 80-000214
Densitron 84-0023-001T QVGA 320x240 5.7" N/A Driver board currently unavailable
AUO G104SN02 SVGA 800x600 10.4" N/A Driven direct via FPGA

DVI Display Support

The Industrial I/O board features a DVI interface that integrates the TFP410 DVI interface to the MityDSP / MityARM via the LCD interface on the OMAPL138/AM1808 CPU.

DVI Resolutions Tested at Critical Link

VGA 640x480
WVGA 800x480
SVGA 800x600

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