External Serial EPCQ PROM Usage

The Critical Link MitySOM-5CSx development board features a provision to add an optional EPCQ PROM memory device. The identifier on the silk screen for this device is U100 and is located on the bottom of the board.

The original device targeted and tested was an Altera EPCQ64SI16N. This device was later replaced by the EPCQ-A device. A compatibility guide between these devices can be found here (

Recommended MSEL/BSEL/CSEL modes:

MSEL = 10010
CSEL = 00
BSEL = 111

Software/Programming of EPCQ memory

A custom file needs to be generated that can be programmed onto the PROM device. The typical format is the .JIC which can then be programmed over JTAG into the PROM device.

Additionally AN370 is a helpful guide for generating the necessary files (

NOTE: In Quartus you should ensure the the "Disable AS mode CONF_DONE error check" is selected otherwise the done LED may turn off when loading from the PROM however the FPGA will not actually load/execute.

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