On-Module USB Transceiver Information

The MitySOM-5CSX module features an on-module USB transceiver, specifically a TUSB1211A1 from TI. Here is a run-down of the USB related pins on the edge connector for this interface:

Module Pin Pin Name USB Transceiver Ball # Notes
242 USB1_FAULT_N E2 +3.3V pull-up through 102k resistor and 470pf capacitor on module
246 USB1_PS_ON D4 +3.3V pull-up through 102k resistor on module
272 USB1_ID D3
274 USB1_D_N C1
276 USB1_D_P D1
278 USB1_VBUS F4 0.1uF cap on module

Please reference our development kit baseboard schematic, sheet 7, ( for a sample carrier board implementation.

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