MityCAM Firmware Developer's Kit

The MityCAM Firmware Developer's Kit consists of the MityCAM source code and a virtual machine image with the required tools installed.
The exported virtual machine image can be downloaded here (11GB)

How to build/rebuild the SoC Camera project

Revision History:
2015-06-15 TJI Initial revision

This file documents how to [re]build the SoC Camera project for your camera.
The project includes the FPGA, preloader, bootloader, linux kernel, drivers, application, libraries, and root filesystem for the camera.

All required software tools (at the time of development) for this build are pre-installed on the virtual machine.

o Altera Quartus 14.1 with SocEDS 14.1 and DS-5 in /home/user/altera/14.1
o Ubuntu packages for development
- build-essential
- libtool
- rpm
- lib32z1
- lib32ncurses5
- lib32bz2-1.0
- lib32gcc1
- lib32stdc++6
- subversion
- git

o Additional packages
- vim-gtk
- nfs-kernel-server
- openssh-server
- minicom

o Configuration modifications
- default shell set to bash instead of dash


1 - Retrieve the SocCamera source code from
2 - untar the file in /home/user/projects/soc_camera.
- Assuming tar file is rel_0001.tgz
- cd /home/user/prjects/soc_camera
- tar xzf rel_0001.tgz
3 - cd to build directory
- cd rel_0001/build
4 - Run build script
- ./ --config <config>
- Valid configs are CIS2521|CMV8000|CIS1910

The build script can take quite a while (up to an hour) to complete.
when complete, the newly built binaries will be in the output directory under the build directory.
- ubootenv.bin
- preloader-mkpimage.bin
- u-boot.img
- soc_camera...*.rpm (which contains the package to update the application, fpga, etc)

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