"Regarding video Frame data flow without using Linux OS-Linux frame buffer"

Added by Naveen K.S over 6 years ago

Hello sir,

Thank you for replying my previous queries.

We are using MitydspL138F VDK for developing prototype, for one of our image processing application project. The complete Qt framework of the kit is explained fine in the VDK datasheet (it says the flow from sensor to fpga, fpga to dsp(UPP), dsp to ARM).

But in our application we wanted to use Multicore (OMAPL138- DSP&ARM) programming (both image processing algorithms development and peripheral control using Code Composer Studio and SYS/BIOS), instead of using Linux OS to program ARM9 of OMAPL138 seperately.

So Can you help us by giving frame data flow without using Linux OS from DSP to FPGA, that means my question is how FPGA can access the image processed frame data from OMAPL138 to display via DVI-D port??

Thanks in advance, kindly provide in depth data

with regards,
Naveen K.S.

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RE: "Regarding video Frame data flow without using Linux OS-Linux frame buffer" - Added by Michael Williamson over 6 years ago

Hi Naveen,

You can use the UPP port (see the tcDspUpp core in the DSP/core library) or use the VPIF (same pins, see the tcDspVpif class) with the 674x core in DSP/BIOS to have the DSP receive data directly.

We only use / support Linux applications on the ARM core. If you are trying to use SYS/BIOS on the ARM core, you should refer to TI's SYS/BIOS documentation for the ARM processors. I am not aware that they support the ARM core for the L138 with SYS/BIOS. I do know that they have a bare-metal "starterware" for ARM, but we don't have much experience with it.

I'm afraid I cannot provide you a completely different design from our reference design without spending a significant amount of effort and I would need a more detailed definition of your system requirements (and to understand why the current reference design framework is not a feasible solution), perhaps we could arrange a support contract?


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