"Usage of C64X+ IMGLIB on MitydspL138F VDK frame work"

Added by Naveen K.S over 6 years ago

Hello Mike,

In the vision_framework example given by you it is clear that the tcAlgorithmEdgeDetect::Process() class makes use of the IMG_sobel_3x3_16() library routine to perform a basic edge detection transform.

But in order to call IMG_sobel_3x3_16() IMGLIB function, we have to give the arguments like input_image size, output_image size, number of cols, number of rows, so how this has to be done?

Also do we need to use PRAGMA Directives like DATA_ALIGN to align the buffer on a byte boundary to be used by IMGLIB, DATA_SECTION if so with respect to your board how this has to be done?

Can you provide any example program of calling IMG_sobel_3x3_16() IMGLIB function, so that above questions will be answered.

Thanks in advance

with regards,
Naveen K.S

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