"Reagrding spi NOR flash memory updating"

Added by Naveen K.S over 6 years ago

Hi Sir,

This is regarding editing the kernel in NOR flash memory, a detailed steps have been given in wiki for editing kernel but how to interface Mitydsp to host PC while flashing. Please help me in this regard.

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RE: "Reagrding spi NOR flash memory updating" - Added by Alexander Block over 6 years ago


I'm assuming that the question here is how would you get the updated Kernel from your host PC onto the MityDSP-L138 module to update the kernel in the NOR memory?

1) You are going to be executing the commands over the debug serial port on your carrier board, in the case of the Industrial IO board that will be J502 with the 10-pin to DB9 adapter.

2) Follow the steps in the Linux Kernel Wiki under (Installing the Kernel on SPI - FLASH). below are 3 different options of getting the kernel onto your module to program it permanently

2a) You can use a TFTP server running on your Linux PC/Virtual Machine with your newly built kernel image and follow the instructions of #2 supplementing your specific server information. I have also had success in using TFTPD 32/64 ( on my windows PC with relative ease (this is assuming you have the uImage kernel file off your build pc).

2b) You could create an SD card in either the EXT2 (as provided with the VDK) or FAT32 filesystem and place your new kernel image on it and access it in Uboot in one of the following ways:

(for EXT2 formated) u-Boot> ext2load mmc 0:1 c0700000 /boot/uImage
(for FAT formatted) u-Boot> fatload mmc 0:1 c0700000 /boot/uImage

Note that for either you would alter the /boot/uImage location based on your specific SD card placement

2c) You can use an NFS server for the kernel which is outlined in the Linux Root File System Wiki ( under "Booting from an NFS server". Note that the Linux Virtual Machine that ships with our L138 Dev kits should have the NFS server running already and you can find the folder under \home\mitydsp\nfs\

3) Don't forget that after you have loaded your kernel from whatever storage device to write it to the NOR

u-Boot> sf probe 0
u-Boot> sf erase 0x100000 0x280000
u-Boot> sf write 0xC0700000 0x100000 ${filesize}
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