USB Bug within U-boot

Added by Benedikt K. about 5 years ago

Hej hej,

I encountered a bug which is related to different usb sticks within u-boot. The USB-OTG port at our custom board is only used as a USB Host.

Some USB-Sticks are only discovered by u-boot using "usb start" if I run usb start twice. Is this a known bug? Is there any workaround?

It seems like u-boot somehow reads from the usb stick as the first "usb start"-command does only need 1 sec to scan the bus if a usb stick is connected. This is independent if the usb stick is discovored by u-boot. "usb start" takes around 5 seconds if no usb stick is connected to the usb port.

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RE: USB Bug within U-boot - Added by Jonathan Cormier about 5 years ago


I am not aware of any known usb bugs with the l138 u-boot. It is also not a feature that we use often. Have you been able to reproduce this on our devkit to try and rule out a potential hardware problem?

Its also possible that this problem has been reported on the u-boot mailing list. The u-boot we use I believe is from early 2010 so there could be patches since then addressing this issue.

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