How to configure LCD with L138-FX-225-RC ?

Added by Andri Haryono about 3 years ago


One of my MityDSP board is L138-FX-225-RC, which mean it has no FPGA. Can I used LCD display on this board?
because as far I search in this forum, we need FPGA to configure the LCD.
Also, please refer me to the step-by-step if it is possible to configure LCD without FPGA.


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RE: How to configure LCD with L138-FX-225-RC ? - Added by Jonathan Cormier about 3 years ago

Hi Andri sorry for the late response,

You can use a LCD on the FPGA less module. However our LCD requires a LVDS differential pair video lines which are converted using the FPGA. These lines go to the 24 pin LCD header (J104) on the devkit so without an FPGA this header can't be used.

The devkit routes the OMAP-L138 16bit LCD pins to the DVI chip. And so aren't accessible from any connectors. However in a custom carrier board design, these pins could be routed to a LCD if the LCD supports 16bit RGB.

For development purposes, the DVI display could be used to visually test a graphical application., See DVI Display section at the bottom for supported resolutions.

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