OMAPL138: DSP Boot from Linux

Added by Aviv Prital about 1 month ago


I have built a bare metal DSP image for custom board that I would like to load from ARM running linux. I do not use IPC API (ARM and DSP use proprietary drivers to exchange data over DSP memory ), just need to load and run.

Currently the only option partially working is DSPlink, which loads and runs the DSP image in COFF format well, but then it utilizes more that 90% ARM CPU and I cannot kill it.

Another option tried was to use slaveloader, but this silently did not run the full DSP image (neither COFF nor EABI), but succeeded to run some smaller image.

Is there any way to achieve my basic need?

Killing the DSPlink would be good enough.

Any advice?



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RE: OMAPL138: DSP Boot from Linux - Added by Michael Williamson 28 days ago


Could you load the DSP image and launch it using uBoot and have it wait / sync up with the ARM when it load linux.

We have a bootdsp command for uBoot that works with COFF files.


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