Ground Pins

Added by Benedikt K. about 8 years ago

Hej hej,

the MityDSP L138F/L138 has quite a lot of ground pins.

Is it necessary to connect all to ground or are they bridged on the Mitydsp-board? Which pins must be connected to ground and which can be left unconnected on my baseboard?


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RE: Ground Pins - Added by Michael Williamson about 8 years ago

It's usually a good idea to hook up all of the ground pins as the specification calls for. For higher speed signal interfacing (FPGA pins, clocks, USB signals, etc.), the ground pins provide return current paths and reduce the potential for signal integrity problems.

Normally, folks design PCB's with ground planes and getting access to ground isn't too big a deal.

The grounds are all tied (at some point) to a ground plane on the module, but I really don't advise leaving them off.


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