Migrating Source Code from QNX to Linux

Added by Angela Newman over 8 years ago

I come back to you because I have another problem.
I read the documentation on you web site (on . I understood almost everything and was able to wrote some code in Eclipse under the VirtualBox VM. I was also able to upload and run small and easy programs on the development kit.

After that kind of easy tests (needed of course to understand and master the MityDSP device), I intended to migrate and cross-compile some of our existing source code from QNX (OS we use for more than 15 years) to LINUX … it is not that easy because under QNX we use IPC very much and IPC seems very different between QNX and LINUX. So migration of our source code is not as easy as I imagined.

I tried to progress by trying to install QNX on MityDSP. As mentioned in your documentation ( , I followed all the steps but was not able to upload the QNX image on the device. In U-Boot when I launch “run bootqnxtftp” I cannot reach my tftp server running in Momentics (see attached file).

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RE: Migrating Source Code from QNX to Linux - Added by John Pruitt over 8 years ago

In u-boot, can you ping the server?

U-Boot > ping

Another possibility is that the specified search paths for the tftp server do not include the directory that contains the specified file.

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