FTP server using vsftpd

Added by Manjunath K S about 2 years ago

What are the steps create a FTP user with specific /dir/ access only using vsftpd.
We are using the “MitySOM-335x Processor Card” in our target board. On the processor card with we have AM3359 mounted.
And we are using TI SDK 05.03.00 for building u-boot and Kernel and Ti Arago rootfs with vsftpd v2.2.2.
I have also attached vsftpd.conf file which we are using.


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RE: FTP server using vsftpd - Added by Jonathan Cormier about 2 years ago

There are lots of resources on the internet for configuring vsftpd. We don't support configuring vsftpd.

What your looking for I believe is the chroot feature.

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