Baseboard Component Heights

Note that these dimensions are nominal and may vary from board to board depending upon assembly variations. Please contact your Critical Link if you need further specific details.

Baseboard PCB Thickness

The MitySOM-5CSx carrier board is a 6 layer board with a thickness of ~1.5mm. All dimensions below are in addition (above or below) the PCB (do not include the PCB thickness).

Tallest components top side

On the power switch side of the board the tallest components are the ATX power input (J600) and Power switch (S600) each at ~13.0mm.

The other side opposite the power input side of the board has the RJ45 jack (J500) which is ~13.7mm.

Tallest components bottom side

On the bottom of the board the tallest components are ~3.0mm however the power switch (S600) through-hole leads are ~3.5mm in length when not trimmed.

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