CAD Files and Information

MitySOM-5CSx Baseboard PCB and Schematic Files

Critical Link is happy to provide the design files (in Altium Designer format) for the MitySOM-5CSX Development Kit baseboard. The files include:

  • All schematic sheets
  • PCB layout
  • MitySOM-5CSX connector footprint (JAE MM70-314-310B1-1-R300)

Please send a request to to obtain them.

A free Altium Designer viewer can be found at the bottom of this page:

MitySOM-5CSx Baseboard 3D Drawings

You can obtain drawings for the Revision 9B baseboard (80-000578 9B) from this link (, free support site account required.

Note that in these 3D step files we have included both the module, under the J100 designator (MityARM-5CSX_DATA_FPGA_DDR), and the heat spreader (HS1 designator).

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